2013 Performers
Juliana Chen 2013
David and Dania 2013
Christopher Hart 2013
TOPAS 2011
Xavier Mortimer 2012

The 5th annual “Champions of Magic” show will take the stage January 18, 2014 at the Gilmore Auditorium, Home of the Carolina Opry. The “Champions of Magic” show will feature some of the world’s greatest magicians from around the world. Two time FISM Champion Magician Gaston will MC the show. Pilou, from France will perform his World champion Manipulation act. Tom Burgoon and Eric Buss will provide amazing comedy magic to the show. International award winner Timo Marc will perform his incredible Blue Vision act. And from Japan, see International magic stars Fukai and Kamika!


To see this kind of magical talent together on one stage is an experience you won’t want to miss. Bring yourself. Bring your family. Be a part of the magic. For Tickets call the Box Office at 866-865-7454 or 843-913-1422 and reserve your tickets today!